New Products

Mitsubishi Timing Chain Kit- 4N13 & 4N14

New Timing Chain kit to suit Mitsubishi ASX  & Outlander

Download MBTK62 New Product Memo.pdf (83.21 KB)

Isuzu D-Max Timing Chain Kit- 4JJ1-TCX

New Timing Chain Kit to suit Isuzu 4JJ1-TCX 06/2012 Onward

Download GMTKG47 New Product Memo.pdf (62.70 KB)

Ford & Mazda 2.5L -3.0L V6 Water Pump Kits

Water Pump Kits include all items required to replace water pump with an upgraded stretch fit belt

Download Ford-Mazda Water Pump Kits.pdf (214.64 KB)

Subaru EJ Series O/S Main Bearing

ACL New range of main bearings with oversized backs

Download ACL Subaru EJ Series.pdf (319.96 KB)

Holden 355 Stroker piston

Holden 308ci to 355ci Stroker Piston


Download 8P1470 New Product Memo.pdf (194.52 KB)

Ford 351 Cleveland Piston

Ford 351 Cleveland piston to suit Ford 302ci, 6.000″ con rod

Download 8P1469 New Product Memo.pdf (201.50 KB)

VVT gears for popular applications

See Nason’s range of VVT gears for popular applications

Download VVT Sprockets.pdf (288.64 KB)