Mazda CX9: CA 3.7L V6 Engine- Timing Chain Guide

Mazda CA engine timing chain guide supersession

Download MZTK45.pdf (194.48 KB)

Correct Fitment Of Timing Chain Kits

The correct fitment of a timing chain kit is critical to the life expectancy of the repair.  The consequences of not lubricating and using the correct OEM torque specifications can have a catastrophic effect on engines.

Download Correct Fitment of Timing Chain Tensioner.pdf (202.25 KB)

Subaru EJ Series Water Pumps

Easily Identify Subaru EJ Series Water Pumps

Download Subaru Water pumps July 2019.pdf (160.85 KB)

VVT gears for popular applications

See Nason’s range of VVT gears for popular applications

Download VVT Sprockets.pdf (288.64 KB)

NBT988-OE Ford & Mazda Tensioner: NPB-08

Correct method when a installing a Ford & Mazda 2.5L/3.0L Diesel WL-C & WE hydraulic tensioner

Download NPB08 MAZDA-FORD TENSIONER_.pdf (202.20 KB)

Nissan YD25 brake vacuum pump- NPB-05

When replacing timing kits on Nissan YD25, we recommend replacing the brake vacuum pump

Download Nissan YD25 brake vaccume pump-NPB05.pdf (336.30 KB)